So much to do, so much to refresh, so much to learn and then there is the implementation, so much to go wrong.

We have developed 90 minute sessions on various topics that can be delivered to smallish groups of up to 15 in such an interactive and dynamic way that even closed minds peak through! Real strategies are developed in response to real situations. It is preferable to interact with participants before the session, to get their own list of 'what I need from this workshop'! Then it is our job to deliver.

It may be thought at first glance, that it would be impossible to deliver across a broad range of topics BUT, through the concept of cause and effect, most challenges stem from a small range of causes and even these causes stem from fewer causes and so, YES we can deliver to those who want to receive (and even to those are a bit guarded)!

Here are just three popular cameo presentations we have available right now - others built to order not necessarily 90 minutes. 

(a)Working with problematic customers in face-to-face situations

Ifyou face people every day who are disgruntled, confused, angry, short tempered,unfair, demanding, exhausting then this is a cameo session you must not miss.Believe it, you can make your life better.

Ifyou keep listening to people who say it can’t be better, then invite them tothe session and stop listening to them until after. Believe it can be better,find out real effective ways – take back control of your life, go home happy!

Soundtoo good to be true, well it is, if you aren’t prepared to change how youhandle these situations. If you are up for it, then it is possible, 80% of thetime.

 ·       You willreceive by email a short questionnaire that we ask you to complete and return –we need to know what you want to get from the session

·       You need tobe able to take notes – concepts are published the next day but you need totake your own notes at the session

 (b)Project management fundamentals – success through enabling

·       Have you ever been partof a project that didn’t complete?

·       Have you ever beenthrough the rigors of change and on the end it was no better?

·       Has a project evercompleted and then life returned to pre-project afterwards – no benefit?

·       Have you ever run aproject and found it difficult to get team buy-in?

·       Have you ever found itdifficult to work the project in with your other responsibilities?

·       Has there ever beenconfusion surrounding the actions of a project?

 Ifthe answer is yes to any of these questions, then in 90 minutes we will work tosupply strategies that will help you get on top of this, maintain calm andcomplete on time, to budget – well maybe not that but at least stay sane!

 Soundtoo good to be true, well it is, if you aren’t prepared to change how youhandle these situations. If you are up for it, then it is possible, 80% of thetime.

 (c) Anti-bulling and harassment – duty of care responsibility         

 Workplace bullying is arisk to health and safety. It can occur wherever people work together in alltypes of workplaces. It is best dealt with by taking steps to prevent it fromoccurring and responding quickly if it does occur. The longer the bullying behaviourcontinues, the more difficult it is to address and the harder it becomes torepair working relationships.

 If you experience this type of behaviourand nothing is changes then you just wear it and that’s not fair! Also notlegal. Also impacts on others!

 Come alongand hear some really practical things you can do to take control of your life –you have to want to change things, you can’t come thinking it is impossible orthat someone else should do something – its about you and your strategies! It ispossible, don't leave it any longer. You will depreciate.

TheConvener of the session, Rex Buckingham, isPrincipal of colourthinking. 

His  background is in corporate general management,marketing, manufacturing, finance, personnel and strategic development covering30 years at both the corporate and business owner level. As an activepublic speaker, consultant, coach and trainer, he is able to bring `real life'into what he undertakes; a sense of the theoretical meeting the practical.