People in senior positions either

not quite right for the next stage of strategic plan or

just under performing AND

is there a succession plan and what are you doing about it?

Aren't these some of life's challenges?

We have a team,some are excelling, some are reliable and some are just not quite making it. We think that we have done all we can, we are still paying them, sometimes they are subject to quiet harassment, sometimes not so quiet but they are still there.

They do have some important IP and anyway, the process of de-hiring (don't you love the terminology) sand recruiting and then getting the new person into the role, such agony!

At colourthinking we have a process modelled on the 'round table' concept where we bring people together over a period of 5 sessions, people of much the same rank and responsibility and through facilitation of information and interaction within the group, isolate and attend to various issues - always ensuring each individual leaves a session with clear objectives and strategies.

At the next session each participant shares their results. That expectation ensures that actions are taken and from that we can assist in refining application and implementation.

We invite a senior guest speaker to each session to add perspective and experience. We convene these over a working lunch. Participants will leave with the ability to immediately bring value to their environment.

Process - if you think you have someone in your team who is being under utilised then lets talk first to ensure what we are offering is relevant and will bring value.

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