One plus a number  (1+#=>+#)

This is about the concept that great things are achieved and sustained, when more than one person contributes to the concept and then the implementation!

That one persons idea is as good as the 'one person' can get it at that time - drawing on experience, learning etc  Regardless of how great that idea is, if the concept is not moved successfully to another, then it becomes weaker and can in fact be counter productive.

So one could argue the effort is about moving the idea successfully BUT, what that overlooks is the power of engaging others with the idea in the belief that they too can add value.

So when another person is 'trusted / respected' with the idea and they add their experience and learning to it and they either

  • accept and applaud - now they have been trusted, respected, they will hear the details and will not be looking to block / find fault
  • accept with conditions - great idea, how about .... Now they are connected and provided that you do not become defensive, there is space for the idea to grow and through that become more useful, be do-able, sustainable
  •  do not accept - become dull or aggressive to the idea - better this happen before implementation is attempted as implementation will either be impossible or if 'pushed through' will hardly be sustainable
For the sake of some careful engagement and listening, good ideas can be made better, ordinary ideas can be grown or discarded and not so good ideas can be dismissed before time and energy and resources are spent.

One plus a number - my idea, then your idea added - we both now have access to each others ideas, ideas we didn't have originally and that condition will almost always 'pop-up' completely new ideas that wouldn't have been found without the benefit of sharing and openness.

The concept of 'six thinking badges'* helps everyone to access parts of their thinking that are either not used or rarely used and help to guide away from the habitual thinking.

"Here goes Stuart again, always the pessimist", "Look out for Janet, she only ever sees the positive side, there is no substance to her thoughts". These labels we give others and they give us, demean the thought process and keep real fruits of breadth and depth in thinking from emerging. This breeds 'Group and Preemptive thinking' which is the cancer of thinking and teams and strategies and surpetition.

The leader needs to be high in empowerment, connection, engendering an environment where it is safe to think new thoughts but all of this depends on an individuals capacity to think?

There are plenty of thinking mechanisms but unfortunately too often all that is used is verbal stimulus - meetings that go on for ever with the same people saying the same things and the same people not contributing.

The six thinking 'badges' that are part of the logo on this page, help to draw individuals out of their habit thinking into new areas. Supported by such tools as 'effective listening', 'non-defensive verbals', 'SWOT', Pro's and Con's, 'Risk analysis', etc a group can become a team and the individuals in that team can become much more useful (and satisfied) through developing their thinking into areas they have not dared to tread before.

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* The 'six thinking badges' draws heavily on deBono Six Thinking Hats philosophy