Our Philosophy

Is to bring to the people of the organisation the capacity to think not only outside the square but consistently wider (?) than their own paradigm!
To allow individuals to expect more than they have become used to of themselves and of others.

We at colourthinking previously ‘hanaman buckingham projects and ideas’ and  are committed to the concept of developing the capacity of the enterprise to search out their own strategic differences and to enable them to enact implementation that will be wholly owned and sustainable.

The Challenge

At first glance it may seem that the picture is exactly what one would seek to accomplish - on the surface it would appear that a group is brainstorming successfully. We contend that this picture is almost always misleading - that is the picture does not show the degree of personal ownership each has for their idea.
Edward de Bono notes that in Western thinking, we have come to a habit of being satisfied too often with a single solution - that is we have a problem and someone identifies and answer and that becomes 'the answer'. Should someone else disagree or prompt another solution, it will inevitably be received as a 'contest' and the competitive behaviour will take over.

Consultants should not have as a sole purpose, the focus of building some one else's business but, work with the people of that business to enable them to build in a sound and effective manner for themselves.

Training and development are outdated terminologies today. The focus should be about clearly understanding our own,  and our teams, strengths and non-strengths  and then moving together to build sustainable personal character, integrity, skill and communication throughout. LEARNING and LEADING!

This as the foundation will bring the success  that so often impacts in exactly the opposite manner  on the team that is being entrusted with that goal. 
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