Rex's Resumé - as at today

Rex James Buckingham
79 Hackney Road, Hackney SA 5069
Mobile 0407 827173
Employment overview:-General Management; Personnel /HR Management; Manufacturing - Wide industry exposure;  insurance, credit, bailment and marketing; wholesale, retail and direct sales, manufacturing, new business start-up – recruitment – security – home wares
Woolworths (SA) Limited – commenced as a junior trainee and moved through all aspects of the business as departmental manager, manager of graduate trainees, food manager, special projects, personnel and full store management. Was the youngest manager in the history of the company – had responsibility for 350 staff
Department of Defence – national service conscript – 12 months in Australia and 12.25 months in South Vietnam; returned to Woolworths on completion of duty.
Special Projects Manager - Took responsibility for successfully converting a large department store in Mt Gambier to Big W concept and then left to pursue a new career. Acted as Executive Trainee manager.
Account representative - General Credits Limited – as an account representative I was responsible for the collection of overdue accounts; then promoted to Credit Manger - accounts and wholesale for a section of the metropolitan & country area
State Manager - Pye Finance – the bailment arm of Philips Industries. As State Manager I had responsibility of running the operation S.A., meeting budgeted performance targets
Marketing Manager / Bank Liaison and staff development - General Credits Limited
This was in a difficult environment - due to economic pressures the amount of funds available to lend was down on average – increased my sphere of responsibility to include liaison Commercial Bank of Adelaide managers – leading them into finance thinking to underpin their established finance thinking – bailment and leasing management as well
State Manager - Myers Taylor Sales Pty Ltd –– wholesale, retail and direct sales / manufacturing. I took the company through a merger, increasing my responsibility to General Manager – Southern Region – S.A., W.A. and N.T, Hunter Douglas Ltd (the merged entity) – I reorganised the business in each sector, devolving manufacturing from 8 operations into 3 and reducing staff from in excess of 600 to 250.- (working with previous Hunter Douglas state managers in both states as major angry clients) – increased market share with all.
General Manager – initiated the business Carpet Call SA – working for an interstate investor, starting from our home, we build the business to be market leader in 26 months. Establishing 10 sales locations, a warehouse administration area, 36 sales staff and 10 support personnel. Purchased, sold and installed soft and hard floor coverings.
Rex J Buckingham & Associates – commenced the consulting business – see details Profile – hanaman buckingham - colourthinking
Proprietor – Carpet Call SA – (still operating the consultancy business) purchased the business, rebuilt it to the size and integrity of that achieved initially and then closed the business as part of an industry rationalisation. Had totally restructured – diversified into full range of flooring and home installable products / moved staff employment to commission only and generally redeveloped the entire company – trading profitably and then closed down - an interesting story.......
Rex J Buckingham & Associates –changed name to – hanaman buckingham projects and ideas- see profile of the business activities for further information
After developing the Rex J Buckingham business over the past 25 or so years, I was approached to join the business hanaman australia; as a consequence the name changed to hanaman buckingham and then 6 months later I bought the business out.
Key activities are divided across several fields: 

Strategic Planning

Personnel development Public speaking

E- learning

Business; Marketing
Special projects
Thinking modalities
Organisational development
Fund raising
Lead conference speaker
Internet and internet based computer application learning
Marketing and Sales Partner – Security partners – Home and Business Security
Together with three colleagues we established this business and became an ADT dealer. We grew the business to profit and I then withdrew to concentrate on my consultancy business - sold share as at Jan 1st 2001 sold December 2000
Principal / Director - Workskills Professionals – Recruitment of temporary, contract and permanent personnel in white collar / IT / technical as well as general senior and executive. Started this business in May 2001 and sold 13th September 2002 – trading profitably.
Principal - Colourthinking – this is the name that the hanaman buckingham projects and ideas- business has now moved to – this demonstrates more aptly the lateral thinking strategic business that we have evolved into.
My  recognition's include:

  • Advanced Diploma in Business Management
  • Fellow & Australian Institute of Management (Councillor in 1992/93) 
  • Fellow, Australian Institute of Company Directors 
  • Fellow, Australian Marketing Institute - Immediate Past State President and National Board
  • Certified Practicing Marketer
  • Chartered Member of Australian Human Resources Institute
  • Accredited Speaking Member of Nations Speakers Association of Australia 
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Training & Development 
  • Past Councillor - Taxpayers' Association of South Australia Inc
  • Small Retailers Association advisor
  • Senior Secondary Assessment Board of SA - Business & Marketing Subject Advisory Committee
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Training and Development
  • Small Business Corporation of SA - PathFinder Adviser to New and ailing businesses
  • Justice of the Quorum - JP
Major facilitation work:
Clements School of Management (the traded as Invisage)
Business SA
Management And Research Centre
Chase Performance
  • Organisational Management
  • Marketing strategies
  • Sales management 
  • Project Management
  • Change management
  • Strategic planning

As I then decided to initiate a recruitment business (Workskills Professionals) I withdrew from work with Clements. I sold the recruitment business 2 years later and then facilitated mainly senior corporate client work and executive coaching work for Invisage, then Business SA and now only as colourthinking
 Business SA (The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in SA)
Since 2001 for some years I have had a very close association with Business SA. This included being the point of first referral for any of their members wanting strategic planning work or any piece of work that is not conducted through Business SA. We have worked on a ‘commission paid from me to Bus SA’ arrangement for this work.
Facilitation – I have facilitated all subjects in Certificate 1V Front Line Management, most in Cert. 1V HR and all of their ‘soft skills’ courses. I have also delivered across several OH&S topics.
In 2002 I wrote a Diploma in Business which has been accredited through Business SA (RTO) and has just recently started its 9th cohort, 40% attending as a result of direct referrals from previous participants.
The flowing is an overview of some of the projects we have taken on over the past 12 months:-

Strategic thinking, business plan writing and presentation skills for aged care market leader – across 7 sites – over 2 months consulting and facilitation

  • to provide across Australia a further input into a wholesale business management structure and operational procedures
  • participating in Business SA strategic review of political system as part of their preparation for upcoming state elections
  • strategic feedback to inventor on new product range – garden equipment
  • provision of motivational and management strategies to executive group
  • provision of motivational and management strategies to executive military group
  • fund rasing for Arts group - $375,000 plus
  • relieved managing director position for three weeks
  • Performance review techniques
  • various ‘new product’ commissions as a consultant
  • team and strategic retreats for local government / corporate clients / small business
  • strategic leadership – locum General Management duties in absence of G.M.
  • 3 day strategic workshop for HR division of large private company
  • interstate marketing and branch management revitalisation – visited all states several times qualified as a financial planner
  • qualified as a home mortgage originator
  • qualified as a provider of insurance advice
  • wrote strategic plan for private school
  • acted as sponsorship manager for several entities – secured over $500,000 in sponsorship
  • conducted several seminars for large audiences
  • conducted 35 strategic workshops for client in NSW
  • initiated the provision of specific sales and management training program into multi store retail / direct sales enterprise
  • worked on several IT new product concepts
  • economic development group strategic planning workshop over three days at a remote location
  • joint venture in advertising / public relations
  • establishment of ‘e’ learning business
  • initiation, development and implementation of several sales commission schemes
  • public delivery of various speeches to meet specific requirements / motivation / strategic thinking / managing in the 2000,s etc
  • provision of 4 x 7 hour workshops covering management initiatives including all basic skills
  • working to develop a new experiential corporate centre
  • provision of workshop to engineers in new age management strategies – to repeat across Australia
  • Small business management – 14 separate facilitations to RPL status – 3 16 week courses
  • 20 week Certificate 1V course in project management
  • 20 week Certificate 1V in project management
  • corporate certificate 1V in project management / marketing / sales / HR / leadership
  • supervisory and leadership training – 8x 4 hour sessions including all components – problem solving / decision making / strategic thinking / communication / team building / discipline and counselling etc
  • developing teams – empowerment – continuos personal development
  • territory management / effective selling / building sales teams / recruitment and counselling / strategic thinking / leadership and management
  • a 10 x 3 hour corporate program encompassing all of the business skills
  • motivational workshops
  • marketing for small business
  • strategic marketing
  • electrical trades small business management certificate – to facilitate provision of electrical contractors licence – 3 x 20 week programs
and much more

I trust this gives some indication of my background and competencies.


Everything I have achieved has been through my passionate desire to grow myself, people and business so that the end user, the customer was satisfied at the end result. 
All our strategies and endeavour focused on surpassing the expectations of those people who fitted into our core and secondary markets. 

With careful listening, strong leadership, integrity and an attitude that our service complimented their needs in much more than satisfaction of those direct needs. Our competent service flowed on to help reach their identified goals, be the most they could be – that was always the big payoff as has been the knowledge that all of this can be achieved and always to the ultimate benefit of the business and the people of the business.