colourthinking offers a wide range of services across Australia, predominantly focusing in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales but certainly servicing all areas as needed.

Our differentiation is the fact the Rex Buckingham, Principal of colourthinking, either involves himself directly in any work or manages closely that of those he trusts to deliver. 

His experience covers so many industries as either a corporate senior manager, owner, coach or consultant - he walks the walk and talks the talk!

Whilst the offering encompasses 
  • Business Consulting
  • Executive coaching
  • Executive and Senior recruitment
  • Learning and thinking
  • Behavioural change

Rex is well aware that everything is about clarity, emotional intelligence, accountability and the ability of a team to function.

Specifically here we point to our services in

  • Executive and Senior recruitment
we work with the organisation to ensure that strategically, the position in focus, is in fact, in focus and suitable to carry the business on through the next period

Because we are applying 30 years of experience across almost every industry to our deliberations, because we achieve clarity about the organisation and the position we do not act simply in placement but build the right position and find the right person - 6 month guaranteed!* Recruitment / Engagement
  • Wholesale selling - optimisation of the organisation through right people, right plan, effective remuneration and performance management 
  • Sales -Direct/wholesale/retail
This industry, wholesale selling, is such an important contributor to Australia and is in many ways, still evolving. The way it 'goes to business' hasn't changed all that much in time and offers substantial potential for change and added effectiveness.

Through Rex's experience in this field he is able to optimise this 'space', reinvigorate and make competent at an entirely new level.

Everything is about behaviour, so, everything is about clarity and accountability. Seeing the trees for the forest, having the experience and energy to achieve new capacity, take market share, gain higher margins. To reach these objectives, the business MUST take a new look at how it presents and delivers, and that is as much about 'back of house' as it is about selling folk.

This is a passion with Rex, invite him and he we come - first session free, no obligation. Now is the time to optimise your opportunities!

Regardless of how much the economy in Australia, the world may constrict, there is always opportunity to grow - always! 
What there isn't always available is the energy, the self belief, the solution to make it so - that's where Rex can assist, fresh and experienced insight!