Are you being Bullied?

If you or someone you know is being bullied and it is not getting better, give Rex a callto explore your options. Anti-bullying Solutions (colourthinking) 0407827173
see if you are the bullied one or if you are the employer.

Very often it occurs that the bullied person is actually bullied by the system, by the HR department, by their manager. It can all be a 'peer' person, a supplier or customer.

These people are not bad people, often just lacking the skill or even the authority to pursue satisfactory remedy. Sometimes it is just the lack of believability that the problem can in fact be fixed. The 'we've tried everything' situation!

It can even be that the bullied person bullies themselves into self doubt. When this happens the ability to have the self belief to stand up to the bully can be missing.

Organisations often are fearful of confronting bad behaviour because of the fear of loosing that person. A unique skill set, a great relationship with customers and other considerations mean that the organisation lacks the vigour to tackle the situation n case they loose the person. Organisations bully the bully by allowing them to continue depreciating themselves through their behaviour.

Every organisation has a legal duty to supply through 'Duty of Care', a safe physical and psychological workplace.


It is important to recognise that if you allow someone to bully you, you are actually authorising that behaviour. We fully recognise that the problem can seem to be insurmountable, that you and the organisation may n fact have tried various remedies BUT the FACTY is, if the behaviour is continuing it must be resolved. Long term damage can be experienced by YOU and in fact the bully and even the managers who know they are letting you down.

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