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It is our belief that this is not about good or bad people but about people behaving in a way of surviving that leads them to this negative behaviour.

It is our knowledge and experience that this can be fixed in the vast majority of situations. Yes, really, we are most successful in finding sustainable solutions. Read

Read the other comments at various Bullying on this site.

YOU SHOULD NOT CHANGE JOBS - if you do not tackle this negative behaviour now, it will haunt you where ever you go! YOU are not a bad person, your are not incompetent. YOU must not allow yourself to depreciate your own faith in your ability, your personality, your worth.

You may not be doing your job well, you may have issues that need to be addressed- we all do! We are human!

The bully isn't a bad person, you are not a weak person, its just a situation that needs to be corrected and it will come down to you both taking actions. IT CAN BE DONE, IT IS POSSIBLE!

The trouble is, the current methods of addressing these situations do not work in enough instances and are too often transitory. You know, "sure it is better but it won't last", or " tried it before, nothing changes".

These are enemy sentences!!! It too often occurs that a remedy is found but the person who has been attacked actually sabotages the fix; they are worn out and just don't believe it is going to work and so they don't come to the party with equal value dynamics; they in fact bully the bully who is working to find new ways to behave. This happens a lot. Again, no bad or good people, just people being people. Luckily we understand this.

This is all about the bullied person; the bully is also a person and you can be sure they have all sorts of backgrounds, insecurities and situations that propel them into their current behaviour. You can be sure they have people they interact with who actually ike them; they have behaviours for situations and environments and you are currently in a situation which is not beneficial. In the case study we referred to re the medical person, she fixed her situation of two years immediately; it is still fixed six months later. BUT, this so called bully is still bullying the others. Same person, different expectations.


I am more than happy to take phone call from you and talk about you, or someone you care for situation - REALLY! Rex - 0407827173 and that call will not cost you anything and all be strictly confidential.

The person in the case study was too scared to go to HR because she had seen situations with others and her self get sooo much worst when they became involved. In fact the 'victim' felt more victimised after HR's involvement and it still wasn't fixed.