Notice to those working as
sub contractors

Notice to those working as sub contractors
This is as we understand it at this time - 3.06.2016 but you should always seek absolute up to date information from the appropriate authorities.

Many trades people seem to think that having the trade certificate / license is all that is needed to trade. 

Well yes it is! BUT, to sell your services for payment, that is, raise an invoice for work in order be paid, it definitely isn’t!  A requirement in law -a Contractor’s license

 Whoneeds a Contractors license?

As a rule, if your work is in relation to a building, that is interacting with the building, fixing to, adding to, touching, then a contractors and supervisors registration is required.

What is needed? 

Contractorslicense - 

Accreditation for BSB SBM 402 Financial Planning and BSB SBM 401 Legal Issues and Risk

$10,000 accessible as working capital - to pay for supplies etc should you need funds to complete a job

A currentpolice clearance

Supervisors registration (even if it is only you that you are supervising)

At least three testimonials from accredited sources as to your ability to do the work

Potentiallya face-to-face interview

Appropriate skill licenses

Types work that is included as needing a contractors license and supervisors registration

Carpentry, Ceiling, Ceramicfloors, Concreting, Electrical, Fencing, Floating floors, Joinery, Landscaping, Painting& decorating, Plumber, Rendering,Security installation,Sound cctvinstallation, Wardrobe installation

So not only restricted to these industries but indicative of.

The act prescribes - Individuals

If you intend operating a business as an individual you will need to hold contractors license and collectively meet the licensing requirements.- Partnerships

If you intend operating a business in partnership, each of the partners needs to hold a contractor's license and meet the licensing requirements. - Companies

If you intend operating the business through a company (body corporate), the company must apply for a license.


The Act requires licensed contractors to ensure the building work is supervised by a registered and approved supervisor authorised to supervise such work. The company should seek the Commissioner's approval for a natural person to be its registered building work supervisor at the same time it applies for a licence.


Ifyou are trading in the building or security industry without holding a contractorslicence and you are convicted by the courts you may be liable for a penalty ofup to $20,000. 

Additionally, you will not be entitled to any fee orother earnings if you conduct your business without a license

Additionally,you will not be entitled to any fee or other earnings if you conduct yourbusiness without a license.

Contact Rex Buckingham –0407827173 – to find out how to become licensed and avoid any penalties.