Just take a minute to read below - the challenge of our life time?

We must attend to the parents who lead the teens and fill our workplaces

We have a challenge - help individuals - parents, children, workers - be their best

Organisations must attend to dis-connection at all levels as this flows down to the teens, and more!

We have a real challenge - don't we?

Recently I spent 3 days working in country SA with the StepUp foundation http://www.stepupfoundation.com/   working with teams, helping through influence and proximity with noted speakers, to show opportunity and the benefit of positive thinking and actions.

The foundation is very worthy and the 30 or so volunteers, steadfast and genuine. The teens, were to a staggering degree, disconnected, showing little confidence in their close family group, low contributors and generally just missing the opportunity - holding back.

What I saw were the result of parents who in themselves were disconnected and hence, the flow though. We at colourthinking have taken the decision to focus on 'parents' and 'organisations' to help with connections there - productivity and personal development, let that flow back through to the 'teens' - our leaders of tomorrow! Need a hand with that?

Bullying and harassment, disconnection and lack of appreciation, lack of clarity about objectives, all these things contribute to people coming home disillusioned and then allowing that to flow through and over who ever is in their path. Not bad people, just hurting and no mechanism to 'self-help'. So, children get a view of life that encourages them not to be encouraged.

colourthinking work with these businesses to turn this around - gain productivity and through that, bring about a heightened esteem and a whole new range of emotion - positive emotion and expectations!

If you know of a workplace that needs to be 
re-invigerated, lets us know!

or phone direct through to Rex @ 0407 827173

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