Article 1 - Business is what it is ALL about

Article 2 - Bullying and Harassment

Article 1 - Business is what it is ALL about

Business is what it is ALL about whether it be Public or Private 

AND, we all need ‘it all' to work better, more  often! 

(Before some people call out about ‘balance in life between work 

and private, forget it – unless there is competent fulfilment in the business arena, the potential for or ability to take and enjoy 

‘life balance’ is negated)


Well the fact is, that it (competent completeness) too often doesn’t occur! Mediocrity reigns almost supreme!

(and despite this, so much is still achieved BUT, too often at a disproportionate cost – this is the confusion –it takes our mind off 

of the in-balance of value for money – long and short term goals).


Too often there are too many an encumbrance to the ‘freedom’ of thinking of 

individuals –imposed on by others (by circumstance,non-emotional 

intelligent behaviour, authority – actual and perceived), imposed on

 by lack of self-confidence and/or previous experience.


So, too often all ‘we’ get is what is the safe / the sanitised! In the case of the ‘public service’, the impact of the potential for negative impact by this thing called ‘probity’ 

is like working in a straight jacket! (Probity – "what would the Newspaper headlines

say if this hit the press? – this needn’t even be a bad thing, just the press taking an attitude”)


Whilst the private sector obviously has the same awareness (probity), it is not constricted as much as the ‘poor’ public servant who is liable to be cut and hung out 

to dry (at least in their own mind and probablyreality), should ‘the press’ 

get hold of half a truth – trial by media can be a death sentence! Poor ‘natural 

justice’ options are not real even though there are plenty of various ‘safeguard’s’, grievance procedures etc – in reality in both public and private enterprises the real 

fact of ‘victimisation’ whilst being alive and too well, is also alive in perception and 

hence a real menace to freedom!


So, Business is what it is ALL about is the subject of this essay 

– business drives finance, drives capability, drives self confidence, drives personal 

and business outcomes – ‘the magic sum - what allusive circle! Talking of ‘sums’ to achieve the required result is about a sum, namely the famous

one plus a number should equal greater than the sum

 the concept here is that one person plus another, engaged in 

equal value conversation, can bring to that dialogue, thought and concepts that had not at the moment been thought. Brainstorming through mutual respect and positive expectation; an 

expectationthat it is not only OK but expected that one person will add value to another persons thoughts / requests. This is not 

about some ‘master servant’ blind obedience (ordis-obedience) but about "I am saying something to you that may sound like an instruction but in truth, how about giving me some feedback. Together we are bound to get to a better solution, one that we 

both own!”


Business is what it is ALL about and that is the business of helping each other to exchange ideas – to put down defensive behaviours and 

invite people to give their unfettered (but polite, emotionallyintelligent) 

input. Together moving forward, equally committed andmotivated to achieve the accepted goal.

Rex Buckingham–©

Article 2 - Bullying and Harassment

Bullying - MyHypothesis is that many of the complaints from employees stem from the effects of anti-social behaviour

people are subjected to at all levels, within employment and externally.

That we have very poor coping skills and tend to pass onthe behaviour we get – certainly pass back.

That many of the currently available techniques focus onthe effect rather than the cause of the poor behaviour

 That far too much time is taken focusing on the ‘rightand wrong’, ‘fault and blame’ of situations and that in turn furtherexacerbates the problem – entrenches the inappropriate behaviour

That too muchtime is taken on the introspective thus allowing behaviour to continue, inconsequence authorising that behaviour and desensitising the environment to thepotential of remedy

That ineffectual counseling leads to confusion in all parties – the counsellor believing the message has got across, the counselee being uncertain of what themessage was – worse still neither party having a clear (or any) view of theactions and timeframes now in place or the actions to take

That consequence to continuance are rarely clear, even identified

In the majority of cases, inappropriate behaviour continues on and on. Those associated with the situation most often either excusing the behaviour with"they have always been like that’, ‘we have tried everything’, ‘just ask anyonewho has been here for a while, it has always been the same’, ‘the job they dois pivotal and so we just have to work with it’ …..

Under ‘duty ofcare’, ‘safe work place’ and just the need ensure that the people of theorganisation are growing, that there is integrity to the policies and thatpeople are not being allowed to depreciate it is incumbent on an enterprise todisallow behaviour that depreciates others.

This is to say nothing of the commercial realisations in allowing these behaviours to remain as part of an environment.

It is time and timely that a new approach be adopted that clearly tackles the outcomes andinputs to this type of behaviour from a non emotional personal position ratherthan the judgmental and somewhat self defeating (self-serving) one of the past.

It is time to stop bullying the obvious bullies and to engage in clear emotional intelligent thinking and behaviours that will establish sustainable equal value workplaces.



Rex Buckingham



Thursday 19th May, 2005

ReprintedThursday 2nd August 2007

It is now nearing the end of 2010 and I add some further comments – much the same basis of thinking, very little real progress globally.

It is central to this discussion to understand that this is not about someone’s intent but about their behaviour. Terms such as ‘They took it thewrong way’, or ‘I didn’t mean it like that’ are bullying in themselves in as much as the implication is that the other person is mistaken, it is their faultthe words spoken have caused discomfort! So they get to say it and they get toblame for having it received!

Everyone, including the writer, bullies at some time or other, tovarying obvious degrees but still bullying. A few centimeters of water will notdrown someone but keep pouring it in every day and soon the person will be gagging for air.

Bullies are at all levels in society and sadly many have achieved theirspecific accomplishments’ through their bullying behaviours. Many would have noidea at a later stage in the life as to how to interact without overbearing,intimidating, exclusionary behaviours. Because that is how they are, we their interlocutors act in a patter that is the - of their behaviour – we in fact feed their behaviour.

Edward deBono speaks about the concept of hindsight – that is what we might wish to think or do, after we have done. People who are with others frequently already know what their behaviour / actions are likely to be beforethey actually behave and in most cases their own behaviour is set on the recognition of how they will be – self fulfilling prophecies!


The impact of one person inappropriate behaviour effects many, to startchange the other person has to change theirs first. Don’t get hung up as towhether that is how it should be or not but that if no one does anythingdifferent, then the patterns will remain.


This poses a substantial question and that is, can the other personactually change? If you were to ask others around you they are likely to answerin the negative. This is because there is almost always a feeling that alreadymuch has been done to change the status quo and there has been no success –hence no success before, why would we expect it now – back to self-fulfillingprophecies.


It can be that people only partially recognize of deny that theirbehaviour is bullying or harassing. So much of this type of behaviour has takenplace for so long, that in fact behavioir associated with ‘b&h’ can be seenas normal – it can even be heard being taught as ‘how to delegate / negotiate…..’.

The person’s environment has some impact on how they behave, certainlyhow other behave towards them. If you follow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, thenwhen people are anywhere in the model other than self actualization, they willhave inbuilt pressures to equalize their circumstances through putting othersdown.


So someone who is not comfortable with themselves, can find themselvescorrecting someone else and through that establishing that they knew and theother person didn’t. they can dismiss this effect by ‘don’t be so precious’ etcbut unless there was a need to have something corrected, there would be manyother ways than public disclosure – almost everyone knows someone who does thisor who in fact, does this.


It is now the first day and I ad of 2012 and some furthercomments, much the same basis of thinking, very little real progress globally.


Every day we read in the papers about bullying in schools and wonderhow it can still be there? I know the personal effects of schoolyard bullyingand the challenge of getting through that, gaining the confidence to tackleinteractions, to build self-esteem, to grow personally.


Every day not only is the school bully bullying other children butthrough effect bullying the teachers and the system generally. Unfortunately,as part of this too often if something is tried to alleviate the situation thebully’s parents come to the school and add their bullying into the situation –bullying the teachers.

Probity makes everyone onthe end of fixing the situation extra anxious, actually bullying them – whatwould the papers say and then, what would the education department say …. –more and more harassment / bullying. So, these ‘kids’ grow into behaviours thatcontinue through to the work place and all of these same challenges continue.


Just to sign off on thisarticle for the moment, it can be argued that the lack of action by the teacher(responsible person) or the manager (responsible person), leaving the errantbehaviour intact is in itself, an act of bullying. "Let the negative attitudesstay with the person everyone sees as the bully, let us not focus on theresponsible person – well it is time to focus on the responsible person and thesystem that make too many people scared to act.  Ó 01.01.2012