Fee Structure

colourthinking is committed to providing a quality service – our belief is that everything starts from with the 'brief' - that is when the client tells us what they think they want to achieve.

From that we give clear and unbiased feedback and the ‘working brief’ is established.

The initial briefing session is free of charge - one additional session to confirm the brief will be at 50% of fee - we have already contributed our time and added value. All situations must be win-win. This applies even if the business does not proceed.

For cameo work, a minimum $450 plus GST applies. This will include limited preparation and face to face time. Often once established, other work can be included in cameo work such as coaching or consulting to bring the time to one hour and a significant saving.

Remember, Rex is well qualified and experienced in matters marketing, HR, general consulting and executive coaching. Cameo work can be very worthwhile and is often made more worthwhile when delivery is extended by the functional managers being exposed to additional thinking.

Minimum fee - $250.00 report / research
                      $450.00 face to face time 1st hour
Hourly fee       $145.00 preparation and report writing time
                      $315.00 face to face time after first hour
Admin           - $100 per month to cover incidentals not charged e.g. quick phone call, emails       all fees plus GST

Group initial session - $1001 including GST for two hours and feedback report - if the people are not engaged the effort is wasted - worse still the respect and trust are lost! Try as hard as you like you are talking to a brick wall!

One on one coaching
This is the same if not more challenging than face to face consulting and hence carries the same fee schedule - the mentor plan applies where hours are sufficient.

Mentor plan per hour

$ 285.00 commitment for 20 + hours in one month
$ 265.00 commitment for 30 + hours in one month
$ 240.00 commitment for 40 + hours in one month
$ 215.00 commitment for 50 + hours in one month
Day rate $2,450.00 (9.00 - 5.00) + any preparation
Half day $1,450.00 4.5 hour blocks - am / pm / after dinner all plus GST

Metropolitan travel is charged at $50.00 per 30 minutes plus GST from the city.
Intra /interstate travel will usually be booked by colourthinking and charged at full actual recovery - no surcharge added
Time traveling will be pre-agreed and usually be based on report time fee - this will depend on the amount of work being negotiated and 'lay over' time experienced
Local travel is charged at 

Once an agreed ‘brief’ is achieved, a fee is also agreed - certain components are agreed - a rate of around 14% of gross dependent on work agreed - that can be lower if some of the administrative work is undertaken by client.

Initial briefing free of charge, subsequent meetings at 50% of standard face to face fee.

We give a 6 month conditional guarantee* - we require access to the incumbent once hired, timely debriefing individually and with direct supervisor, additionally prior and timely notice as to any sense of dis-satisfaction so we can assist in correction / adjustment / perception.
<i>* does not include direct costs in advertising position</i>

Settlement: Payment terms are as agreed on taking the brief - where the service is over a period of time, then accounts will be rendered at the end of each month progressively. Any rebates from standard fee do not apply if payment not made as agreed.
GST is always additional to the hourly rate and will be shown as such.
Payment to be made as agreed upfront to Bank SA – A/c Name: colourthinking BSB: 105.033 Account No: 058033340
colourthinking assures you of our best service - we will be prompt and keep our service promises.