"What we do @ colourthinking"  incorporating in that work to ensure full connection is
Anti-bullying Solutions /Anti-bullying advocate

http://www.antibullyingsolutions.com.au Support to Employers

Support for Employees who are being bullied -
completely confidential - no fee


We work with the senior lead team to increase perspectives, to widen automatic reference, to sustainably increase the ability to act inclusively, to achieve connectedness. This increased state of a number, brings about an increase in the output of the bigger number - exponential benefits!
This translates to - we help you get your team to be most effective - to lessen group and preemptive think - to bring about full taking of responsibility and dynamic problem solving.

2017-18 has come up very quickly! By now you will have a fairly good idea how last FY went and be well into putting in place your current year operation plan. (I guess)

There will be parts of your business you know you should attend to and they will be, always are, about your people and their ability to connect with you and their people. Well, you and your ability to connect with them so they can connect with theirs.

This is such a huge opportunity, to finesse the ability of the business to leverage across all personnel, to have a culture that's about 'can do' and skills to think outside of the competitors.

Addressing errant behaviour is a necessary action. Bullying is not only illegal, lacking any moral authority, demonstrates the integrity of the organisation but is also bad for th bottom line!

See www.antibullyingsolutions.com.au for more! 

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Testimonial for RexBuckingham, colourthinking

I had the pleasure and insight of working with Rex during the first couple of years that I was promoted to Managing Director of General Dynamics Land Systems– Australia (GDLSA). I took over responsibility for this business at a time when we had to work through the wind-down of a number of contracts, bidding of new (significant) contracts, and developing/hiring a new leadership team. These challenges were further compounded by significant decision making authority remaining with the parent business unit in North America, and myself learningto be "the” leader of the local business (as opposed to one of many leaders within the parent company). 

Needless to say, there was a lot of change, challenges and uncertainty within the business, my immediate team and myself. Rex provided a combination of one-on-one coaching, team facilitation and workshops, and behind the scenes support and communication strategies. He was able to engage at every level of the business, from the apprentice in the factory to the MD. Impressively, Rex had a great knack to present counter- and alternate perspectives to particular item, and in doing so enable me and my team to broaden our own views, and typically arrive at a better solution or plan than we would have on our own. 

More importantly, Rex was able to impart this problem solving approach and leadership style through his various toolkits, workshops and coaching. I still use many of the techniques and methods learnt from Rex, and I am certainly amore effective manager and leader as a result of his coaching and facilitation   His enthusiasm for the work he did with us, and passion hehas for true change and growth in individuals, was and continues to be one ofhis greatest strengths. 
Gary Stewart 
Nova Systems 
09 March 2015

  Rex Buckingham becameinvolved in our company in 2012as part of an education program for the Diplomaof Management.  His ability to communicate to the different personalities amongst thedirectors and project managers was commendable.  


Rex has a rare ability toextract information and thereal thoughts/feelings of the group and somehowunite individual thinking to teamdriven visions and goals.  Be assuredthat if you arelooking for change in your business or life, Rex has the ability to provideyou with thetools to unlock the barriers that are holding you back. 


Once the Diploma of Managementwas completed Rex’sservices continued as  consultant and mentorto themanagement team to deal with the new vision for the company andtransitionchange.


He offers real solutions to realproblems. Rex cameinto our business at a criticaltime in our industry where change was beingforced upon us due to externalfactors.  Rex’s ability to assist usthrough this period was apivotal point in our current success in what is anextremely tight constructionmarket.  


Our time with Rex was not onlyeducational but alsothoroughly enjoyable.  Rex has a greatinspiringpersonality and enthusiasm for what he does. 


Three years on we are stillusing Rex as mentor andsounding board for our future endeavours.


Regards, Tony Mau

JHL Civil Director.


  External consultant - Inviting someone into your business from outside is a courageous thing and at that level, demonstrates a sense of 'lets get some addition thinking in here' - and that can only be good - can't it? Well no, it can also be destructive if 'you' are not ready for it.

It is easy for somone to come in and take your money but to come in and give you unbiased, clear feedback - well that isn't always so easy to bear by the receiver.

So, are you ready is the big question. The initial meeting should go a long way to helping you see if this external person is going to fit and so don't get to excited about this until that initial meeting - have some others in at that meeting as well - it needs to be a combined approval to the process.

As a result of consultation, it may be that skills and experience within the business do not fit the opportunities. Getting recruitment right is the basis of ongoing success - taking into account any strategic opportunities is why you need to consult with colourthinking as we think further through with you re your needs than just replacing someone with a 'look-a-like'.

We have 30 years of ‘doing it’! – extensive corporate & business owner experience - we see this all from your perspective!

· working with your organisation to make sure you job specification right – did it work before? is it time to change? is it strategically right, not just filling a chair?

· interview peers as well to get their feel about the position

· handle the entire process or support the organisation only where needed – charges alter accordingly

· present at least 3 people who 'fit' the person specification and at least one we call a wildcard - someone who doesn't necessarily fit the PD but is considered worthy of consideration

· support the selected person for the first 3 months with regular interviews / management interviews / coaching

· give up to a six month guarantee*
(excluding advertising costs) provided we have had access, that clarity is kept foremost and there are no IR / EO organisational matters - and we have a special offer - the extended guarantee period to 6 months and a special rebate on the actual cost - read on .....

Email Rex directly to contact you - rex@colourthinking.com.au or phone now for an obligation free discussion - 0407827173

Is your organisation making the most of tomorrow? Do you people fit your strategic needs for 2012?
Do you have anyone who is really 'square peg in round hole'?

Ring Rex to come and talk about your specific needs.

Some of the positions recruited over time:-

* Deputy Project Manager
* Chief Financial Office
* National Sales Manager
* Direct sales - telecommunications
* Negotiator - senior level - commerce &
   government - details shortly

* Sports Develoment Office - Blind Sports SA
* Senior Pharmacist
* Program Manager
* Human Resource manager
* Program Analyst
* Material Handler
* Material Planner

* Operations Planner
* National Sales & Marketing Manager
* Fund Raising / Administration Manager
* Welfare and membership officer
* Project Manager

* Direct Sales person

thank you to all those who applied, these positions are now filled - unless you advise to the contrary, we will hold your resume for further opportunities

Resume Writing - click here for details

If applying for a position - read Resume Hints
- you need to make a personal statement here - make your application count - read the helpful hits on this site, read the job description and align your skills and experience to that document. Do not leave it to us to make all the connections. Answer less positions more effectively.

Please keep resumes concise - no more than 4 pages.
Introduce your covering letter into the top of your resume -
only one attachment please.

Surpetition - see bottom of directory for more information
something you should be thinking about in any field of endeavor!

In 2010 - 2011 Rex's focus is on four areas
  • adding the benefit of his wide experience base - the Principal of the business working for you
  • recruitment - adding the benefit of his wide experience base - the Principal of the business working for you
  • employer of 1st choice - adding the benefit of his wide experience base - the Principal working for you
  • behavioural change - Everything is about behaviour - you first as the leader and then your people. This is where you find your sustainable difference - and it starts at the top - the waterfall!
The good news is that Rex will now be in SA at least 50% of each month and so can add to his client base here!

Well the fact is that he hasn't BUT he is working to achieve that balance.

Adding the benefit of his wide experience base - Rex - recruitment and exec coaching specialist - deal directly with Rex, access his many years of experience across a wide range of industries as either corporate manager, business owner, consultant or executive coach. Rex knows 'your challenges', the special things you need your people to be. Rex gives a gurantee and his charges are very competitive - this may be less if a recruitment assignment is combined with coaching the new person, some consulting or the business of other work... see recruitment Rex in Australia - book him now! Speaker, Executive Coach, Organisational Consultant, Recruiter!

Is it time to get Rex in and take another view of your tomorrows - it costs nothing to make the initial discussion?Ring Rex directly on 0407 827173

I am now at that stage in life that I very much only workwith individuals and organisations who really see the benefit in selfchallenge. That is, people who are about 'first I work on me, then I seek toengage with others so that we may all develop'.

People who recognise the strength of an entity is about thewhole, that solutions need to be owned and developed from within not handeddown from above.

The business is all about working with these individuals,organisation / business managers to ensure leadership behaviour allows everyoneto prosper.

Our Mission is to become redundant to the process and thatis achieved through developing sustainable teams.

As Principal of colourthinking, together with strategicpartners, we work across executive coaching, business consulting, recruitmentand personnel development (sometimes called training).

At the same time as operating this business, I havepreviously started and sold three external entities and developed those tostand alone. Recruitment / Security / Homewares.

Through my corporate experience coupled to coaching andconsulting, I have gained experience in just about every industry that onecould think of.

colourthinking is based in Adelaide Australia and worksacross all states. The bringing together of consulting, coaching andrecruitment and underpinning with training and development means we can supportthe discovery of strategy and then the all important implementation and adjustment.

Our experience is that the once much over used word,'paradigm' is now, whilst a little underground in use, still successfullychanneling peoples mind into 'group' and 'pre-emptive' think.

As a consequence, organisations are too often undertakingwhat they call 'strategic thinking' but in fact only thinking re-actively andwithin the same reference points.

We find ourselves spending most time and energy enliveninginteraction, developing thinking tools and helping people to 'dare to believe',through identifying new ways to think.

There are so many positives, so much than can be done, theconcept of can't must not get in the way but serve to encourage newideas, new ways forward.

I am enjoying my work more every day.

Specialties: Executive coaching / Business consulting /Recruitment / Learning. Much of what I do is about helping people to gain moreself  confidence through improvedthinking modalities.