Preferring the concept of learning to training, my way is to tie learning principles to the work undertaken by the learner. That is, how can the learner apply the subject matter so they can benefit AND see any gaps in their understanding.

It makes it more effective for me looking to fill gaps in conceptual take-up. The balance of what worked and what hasn't worked yet.

       Below are some of the fields I have covered 


Diploma of Management (BSB60407)

TOPICS COVERED: Workforce Planning

Workplace & Industrial relations

Organisational Change

Managing Finances

Managing Business Plans

Providing Leadership across the organisation

Modern Marketing Analysis of your market Consumer Behaviour Managing Risk

Establishing & Maintaining Strategic Networks

Continuous Improvement Developing a systematic approach to OHS

Plan Strategy for the Business

􏰀Current subjects / topics / areas

* AdvancedDiploma in Management and in Business and in HR and in Project Management

* Behaviouralchange - working with people separately or in groups for long-term sustainableimprovement

*Business planning                                 *Strategic thinking and planning

*Implementation of planning - review practices

*Certificate of Project management      Advanced Diploma in Government

*Certificate of Marketing                                   *Governance     

*Certificate of Human Resource                         *Diversity

*Certificate of Management                               *Compliance    

*Certificate of Sales Management                      *Change Management
* Certificate 1V in Business Development            *Quality Customer Service
* Certificate 111 in Wholesale   
 *Business and Marketing Plan Writing & Evaluation

*Negotiation  * Team Building* Motivation Inspiration * Innovation and Change *Time Management

*Writing Business & Marketing Plans *Problem Solving and creative thinking * People & Productivity

*Supervision     * Train the Trainer          * Employment techniques             * 'Experiential' Training

*New Business start-ups                          *Living skills for a balanced life    *Market Research

 Learning need not be accredited through any government body. So long as the facilitator is experienced in provision of learning, has experiential knowledge of the subject and has fitted that against the participants range of needs, then there is potential gain!

Long programs are becoming know for what they are, more and more. People need to derive benefits that can be implemented and so cameo moments where specific concepts are released and then practiced are very valuable. Piece by piece layered learning leads to real understanding.

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