To be or not to be, that is the question!

Manufacturing is one of Australia's largest employers. Through that, manufacturing is therefor one of Australia's largest motivators for young middle and older people. A huge employer, mountains of other industries support manufacturing, our country remains able and more self reliant when we have a significant manufacturing capacity.

All this talk about the amount of support we give to the Manufacturing industry specifically at the moment, the  car-making industry, is misleading. The support we give it is quite minimal compared to some of our overseas competitor countries.

The amount we pay in social welfare, to the unemployed, to programs to recover from unemployment from failed manufacturing is loads more than the support we gave the car industry! So then doesn't it naturally flow that if we increased our support to the car industry by 100% it would still be saving a mountain of tax payers funds, providing employment to families, careers to young people.

OK so the sticking point is the concept that we are giving big business a free hand-up?

From my perspective, yes the car industry, manufacturing in general, has to become more competitive, more savvy! We would all be annoyed if the government (taxpayers) funding went straight into the pockets of big business BUT, in order to stop that, we (the voters) are prepared to put thousands out of work, squash the dreams of graduating engineers, tool makers, canteen staff etc.... by seeing off this once and still such an important segment.

How about if the workers themselves hadn't been, through sloppy, ineffective and fearful industrial relations bargaining been allowed to earn more than the job is worth?

How about if their wages reflected the actual work they did, if they got the work done more in standard hours than over time, then many of these cost pressures wouldn't be there. How about if manufacturing only employed enough people to actually do the work rater than the amount they actually employ, the cost pressures wouldn't be there.

How about if their marketing departments actually applied marketing principles and made product that would sell - yes loads of questions but lets not throw the baby out with the bath water.

If we Australians stand by and watch this industry fall this last step (clothing and footwear gone ages ago), followed by many other segments and now this goliath sector crumbling, then we will rue the day! Retail will continue to have a hard time with 'on-line' growing exponentially, jobs all over the place are going, it will be harder to replace the retail jobs as shops close!

Leadership is actually failing us all faster than any category - vote winning (or at lease not loosing) thinking rather than state building, tomorrow thinking. Australia is a big country thinking small, thinking victim, not thinking!

Put money into positive work, not remediation and social welfare or dis-welfare.