Gen Y, Gen X and the Baby Boomers: Workplace Generation Wars
As Boomer bosses relinquish the reins of leadership to Generation X, both are worrying about Generation Y. For the good of the enterprise, everyone needs to do a better job of getting along.

Let us not talk about such important matters 'relinquish the reins of leadership' in such definitive ways, as if it is a forgone conclusion. If we are to prosper then we need to grow - we need to have succession plans and that can be about people of any age,gender, race or background. It is best we tackle that opportunity with a full heart and expectation.

The very word 'relinquish' is inhabited with a sense of loss of power - handing over with out wanting to otherwise it wold be more - 

As Boomer bosses develop others and themselves for the change of leadership to Generation X and Y, everyone is working out ways to maximise the various subtle differences to the best outcome for all

Let us not communicate in a way only to seek others agreement but let's look to challenge our conclusions. This is especially important where the conclusion held is one that doesn't easily lead to a useful outcome. Or, if the conclusions serves to separate and distance one person (group) from another.

Wouldn't the hypothesis be more about how do we (who ever is the one judging - older or younger) adjust our behaviour to more beneficially work with other people. 

People of the same age are usually somewhat different from each other agree / disagree?

People from different backgrounds - religions - cultures - economic circumstances .... even suburbs and hair colour makes people different to some degree at least in the eye of the person judging - doesn't it?

Maybe it is about someone taking a judgement on another with a pre-set expectation that is not positive about the outcome ..........................

Pygmalion concept: - People live up to or down to our expectations AND that becomes self-fulfilling!

So, why not start with a positive expectation and then have that become self fulfilling? If all we can achiever is people looking and sounding like we are then perhaps we haven't looked far enough.

We at colourthinking have noticed that gen Y and X bring vitality and challenge to a conversation - if we ever needed to have that, it was over the last decade - if we, the older ones, the current judges, had have been more capable, more willing, more mentors than judges, then perhaps we would have open enough minds to have heard protestations of 'poor practice' or, we would have developed workplaces where it was safe to disagree?

We are so thankful that generation X and Y and baby boomers and builders are all so capable in so many different ways and we look to find harmony and challenge through all those stake holders.

We look every day and we find success every day!

We look every day and we find 'not yet success' every day!

We keep looking, we keep working on us, then with them.