Nicola Lipscombe

Speaker / Leadership through listening

Do you ever get distracted, daydream oreven doodle when someone is talking?!

Have you ever assumed you know whatsomeone means ... and got it soooo wrong?

Would you like to pick up on all those thingssomeone is NOT telling you?

Would you like to create deeper,lastingrelationships with clients, colleagues ... and family?

If you answered yes to ANY of these –the key is POWERFUL LISTENING.

To listen powerfully is to CONNECT. Itis the most powerful relational tool we have. It is an essential skill foranyone in a leadership role, yet few of us have ever been explicitly taught.

Until now.

Being Heard Matters: Listening forsuccess in life, love and business

Nicola teaches and speaks to individuals,groups and organisations on the lost art of listening. Her signature trainingprogram covers the 3 pillars of listening.

Module 1: Listening Between The Lines (Receivingmessages)

What people don't say is often the mostimportant part of the message. Learn how to 'tune your listening antennae' andpick up on all the vital clues most people miss.

Module 2: What does THAT Mean?  (Interpretingmessages)

How we interpret what people say is aminefield for misunderstandings. Learn how to side step the most commontraps we fall into when listening to understand others.

Module 3: You’re NOT Listening!  (Responding to messages)

How we respond to others is theirexperience of our listening. Learn how to act and respond in ways that buildstrust and connection so people are drawn to work (and play) with you.

Consultant|Speaker|Executive Coach

Nicola is anexpert in listening with extensive experience teaching, coaching and mentoringothers to become better listeners. A former pharmacist Nicola hasqualifications in Business, Higher Education, Neuro-Linguistic Programming andis a nationally accredited Trainer and Assessor. She incorporates her ownexperiences and stories with the latest research in coaching, positive psychology,well-being, neuroscience and NLP.


What Clients Say

Nicola is one of the most skilfullisteners I have encountered. Her ability to listen in-between the words spoken and reframe withclarity and swiftness is exceptional.

I have benefited greatly from sessionsI have had with Nicola, she always manages to ask me KEY questions that creategrowth & challenge, resulting in solutions for me.
Crystal Gaye - Arts Psychotherapist


There are many providers offeringtraining in listening but none took the approach of Powerful Listening.

Nicola's approach to powerful listening - "I give you my ears, eyes,heart and undivided attention" was unique.  The robust audience couldhave easily rejected this message but the way it was delivered and the exercisethat was conducted was extremely effective and powerful.

I would recommend Powerful Listening's services if you want to develop yourown listening skills at a personal level or if you want to increase theeffectiveness of your teams through greater connectivity with their clients.

Dennis J. Hoiberg
Founder and Consultant
Lessons Learnt Consulting Pty Ltd