Professional recruitment and HR

The folk employed within the Human Resource Department are called on to undertake all manner of work, more often than not, under resourced them selves. 
Too often, their colleagues are not fully engaged with the support the HR department gives, or maybe more importantly are able to give - specialist support.

When business gets tuff, too often the HR department is the first to 'feel the pinch', as if they are a comfortable group to have when life is good but really, everyone else can take it on.

Nothing could be further from the truth - under resources and too often at threat, not a useful basis for a group that can be the difference between success and failure.

Having said this and because they are too often under resourced, the HR department is more likely to look for support themselves ion matters concerning recruitment, performance management, specific behavioural challenges, equal opportunity.

A mature HR group will look to bring in support contractors rather than adding fixed costs to their business.

colourthinking approaches any assignment by first looking, with the enterprise, strategically. Not so much what is the need today but where os the business today and where is it looking to go!

It is all about the 'brief' and that is almost always getting clarity about the 'cause and effect' impacting on objective realisation.