There is no greater asset to a business than its employees and the lead team is responsible for just that, being the exemplar, the foundation of empowerment and connectedness, the engine room that enables the entire business.

If that is missing a beat, the impactcan be enormous.

When we talk to / work with managing directors and boards we constantly hear the same problems & challenges they face in developing their executive team.

Right now see if these same challenges apply to you, or will in the next 12-18 months. 

Take 2 minutes to answer yes or no to the following 14 questions - if you get a YES to any then let’s talk?



    Yes / no / ?

A.     Amongst my senior people there is no clear succession option


B.     I have a good team but they do not work in sync


C.     There can be some hidden agenda’s amongst the senior team


D.    I seem to have the same people participating and I need to encourage others


E.     There seems to be a lack of real ownership by some


F.     It is difficult to identity the best personal development option for some of my team


G.     People seem to sometimes be scared of initiating or even identifying new actions


H.    I can pretty much predict what input or reaction I will get from most of my team


I.      I have some people who have been in the same position for too long


J.      I find it difficult to offer enough variation of responsibilities to some members of my team


K.    Some members of my team are not loyal – can be disruptive


L.     Some people could contribute so much more


M.   We are not meeting KPI’s and I seem to be the one with all the ideas, and they seem to find problems with overtly or covertly with my suggestions


N.    Deadlines are too often missed



If any of these statements apply toyou or your team then perhaps we can assist you to move forward. 

Past clients haveengaged us for;

· one-on-onementoring

· benchmarkingacross your lead team - strength and opportunities

· gapanalysis

· focusgroups with other teams to share insights - maybe engaging with your majorclients and suppliers?

· topicalworkshops - performance management / strategic thinking / effective listening /problem solving / time management and prioritisation ……….

 Give me a buzz and I will be happy to come to you and stalk your needs through personally. 0407827173

With the last quarter about todescend up on us the questions you need to be asking yourself right now MUSTbe;