Workshop 13th September, 2016
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In our every day interactions, indeed judgements, we subconsciously defer to our previously held conclusions as reference points. If this can be accepted then it would imply that others do likewise. It seems that we get into habits of thinking and this includes and excludes easily made new assumptions  dependant on that range of thinking. If the person/s we are interacting with hold different habits in their thinking, they may approach situations differently, this can be the cause of dissension not just about the topic but the way it is addressed. This defensiveness can bread blockages.

The purpose of asking you to undertake this ‘self-analysis is to firstly identify your learned habits, identifiers in thinking.)

Approach this as if you are in your ‘usual environment’ with people you know, thinking about subjects you are somewhat knowledgeable and comfortable with.

When we are together, we will look at how your natural reference points may change when in different circumstances.

The beauty of the DeBonothinking with his ‘hats’ philosophy is that it is not only a thinking tool but also a communication (interpersonal) and personal development tool but also a decision making and problem solving tool –it builds confidence and character, it helps to enable others and to bring about useful connection. It assists in keeping minds open and responsive.

We will be discussing this further when we are looking at tools and concepts to enable the workshop but it is necessary to have this preparative work done as a foundation.

Identify below the two predominant behaviours you exhibit most readily in a comfortable situation. show these with as 1 and 2. Also note the two behaviours you are least likely to exhibit, note with 5 & 6. From this information you can start to plan how you might bring some additional ‘colour’ into your thinking and behaviours – how you might develop past personal habitual behaviours that most people allow to take over.

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White Hat thinking This covers facts, figures, information needs and gaps. "I think we need some white hat thinking at this point..." means Let's drop the arguments and proposals, and look at the data base."


Red Hat thinking This covers intuition, feelings and emotions. The red hat allows the thinker to put forward an intuition without any need to justify it. "Putting on my red hat, I think this is a terrible proposal." Usually feelings and intuition can only be introduced into a discussion if they are supported by logic. Usually the feeling is genuine but the logic is spurious. The red hat gives full permission to a thinker to put forward his or her feelings on the subject at the moment.


Black Hat This is the hat of judgment and caution. It is a most valuable hat. It is not in any sense an inferior or negative hat. The rigour or negative hat. The black hat is used to point out why a suggestion does not fit the facts, the available experience, the system in use, or the policy that is being followed. The black hat must always be logical.


Yellow Hat thinking This is the logical positive. Why something will work and why it will offer benefits. It can be used in looking forward to the results of some proposed action, but can also be used to find something of value in what has already happened.


Green Hat This is the hat of creativity, alternatives, proposals, what is interesting, provocations and changes.


Blue Hat This is the overview or process control hat. It looks not at the subject itself but at the 'thinking' about the subject. "Putting on my blue hat, I feel we should do some more green hat thinking at this point." In technical terms, the blue hat is concerned with meta-cognition.


      There are no right or wrong answers - we are all different and that's great! We can learn from each other and make the journey more interesting and productive, all round! Phone me direct if you have any questions - 0407827173 - all confidential.

Please return no later than September 1st.