Recruitment / Engagement

Recruitment is a service we provide where an organisation recognises a need within their structure. We reserve the right to discuss the brief and through awareness of strategic imperatives, develop an agreed brief.


Engagement is a service we offer professionals wanting to develop their career either along the same industry lines or through movement,accessing skills and experience already gained but in another industry type.

Our fees are negotiable – recruitment is based at 14% of gross (including base salary, recognition of vehicle / phone / superannuation/ IT and other entitlements capitalised as well as reasonable bonus expectations.)

                                    -engagement – there is a nominal consulting fee of 50% of standard, applied to the first and second interview. From these interviews, a strategy is developed and the individual needs to undertake certain work – namely identifying industry and organisational preferences as well as developing their resume in lines suggested. On completion of this, further interviews are at no cost. The initial payment is refunded on successful placement and payment by the ‘identified employer once the initial five month guarantee period has passed

We charge the employer a rate between 10% and 14% depending on the position.

Guarantee – in both cases colourthinking provides a guarantee of 5 months to the employer – this is based on allowance to access and inclusion of direct manager and senior manager in regular planned discussions re progress.

  The colourthinking service - bullet point!

  • Once the brief is taken, time spent on the process is not charged as such but captured through the effect of payment on success.
  • That fee is usually 14%. This may be negotiated with regard to volume and degree of service undertaken
  • We develop any advertising in association with client and seek (MD/HR) approval before placement.
  • We undertake the placement of agreed advertising, (after your cost approval) and charge you at cost plus 120% - 14 days payment from insertion
  • We place the recruitment information on our web site as well as client placing the appropriate information on their intra-net
  • We receive and respond to all applicants - internal and external
  • We manage the process and advise of any additional promotion / work necessary to attract suitable candidates
  • We work with other 'providers'  as necessary and manage that process in order to optimise spread
  • We develop a short list together with recommendations
  • We make arrangements and attend interviews
  • We undertake appropriate reference checking after first interview
  • We enter into further correspondence with applicants where additional information / clarification is required
  • We work with client on appropriate induction philosophy, timetables / content
  • We work with client on letters of offer

Once employed, we supply mentoring and performance management in association with direct report for a period of five months.

We guarantee the placement during that period, provided we have had access to the candidate and their direct report and provided that our recommendations have been met with regard to quality and time