It is all about the brief - the brief is about clarity and strategic thought.

Finding a new person to fulfil an organisational requirement is a major decision and needs to be undertaken carefully. It should not be delegated to someone who is not experienced, someone who doesn't have the time or someone who has other agenda's.

Big picture thinking needs to be engaged - is this new position the right one for the organisation today and tomorrow? Does it fit the strategic direction - will it allow for maximum flexibility?

The need may arise through growth, through loss or through potential. Either way the impacts on the process are many, not the least being the current employees.

It is useful to debrief on why the position has become available and if that is about filling a resignation, then what brought that and what needs to be done to lessen the likelihood of a repeat.

Job and person descriptions, the recruitment process, interviewing techniques, induction etc are covered elsewhere, here we look at


Different positions, different industries, different times of the year will require different strategies.

Dependent on the maturity of the position, the potential for others to covert the position, the 'fit' it has within the business, all these factors need to be considered.

Certainly the degree of specialty will lead the strategy in different paths. Whether it is contract, casual, full time - the career exposure, all these matters will play a part in forming the strategy.

The type of recruitment organisation accessed is paramount. Make sure who ever you brief, is the person who actually handles the work. So much is lost in translation from the 'seller' to the 'worker'. Make sure the recruiter has commercial experience and hasn't only attained academic credentials.

Very often the searching organisation is limited by their own paradigms and so the recruiter should have an experience wider than just the industry being recruited for. Many exception applicants are available and can be missed by the inexperienced.

colourthinking can undertake the entire process from confirmation of need through to final interview and even induction or, can work with the employer to provide services as required.