After a robust corporate life, for the past 37 years I have built a private business based on positive results. I work with an organisation to support them, people of thebusiness, to build their business. I help the people work with each other andthen together we find interesting ways to build the business thatsometimes means 'de-building’ the business first

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I have a collection of feedback and I put some (a very little of the total) here for your information.

Testimonials for Rex Buckingham, colourthinking

I had the pleasure and insight of working with Rex during the first couple of yearsthat I was promoted to Managing Director of General Dynamics Land Systems– Australia(GDLSA). I took over responsibility for this business at a time when we had towork through the wind-down of a number of contracts, bidding of new(significant) contracts, and developing/hiring a new leadership team. These challenges were further compounded by significant decision making authority remaining with the parent business unit in North America, and myself learning to be "the”leader of the local business (as opposed to one of many leaders within the parent company). 

Needless to say, there was a lot of change, challenges and uncertainty within thebusiness, my immediate team and myself. Rex provided a combination of one-on-onecoaching, team facilitation and workshops, and behind the scenes support andcommunication strategies. He was able to engage at every level of the business,from the apprentice in the factory to the MD. Impressively, Rex had a greatknack to present counter- and alternate perspectives to a particular item, andin doing so enable me and my team to broaden our own views, and typicallyarrive at a better solution or plan than we would have on our own. 

More importantly, Rex was able to impart this problem solving approach and leadershipstyle through his various toolkits, workshops and coaching. I still use many ofthe techniques and methods learnt from Rex, and I am certainly a more effectivemanager and leader as a result of his coaching and facilitation.  Hisenthusiasm for the work he did with us, and passion he has for true change andgrowth in individuals, was and continues to be one of his greateststrengths. 
Gary Stewart – Managing DirectorGeneral Dynamics Land Systems

To Whom it may concern

Rex Buckingham became involved in our company in 2012as part of an education program for the Diploma of Management.  His ability to communicate to the different personalitiesamongst the directors and project managers was commendable.  

 Rex has a rareability to extract information and the real thoughts/feelings of the group andsomehow unite individual thinking to team driven visions and goals.  Be assured that if you are lookingfor change in your business or life, Rex has the ability to provide you with the tools to unlock thebarriers that are holding you back. 

 Once the Diploma ofManagement was completed Rex’s services continued as consultant and mentorto the management team to deal with the new vision for the company and transitionchange.

 He offers realsolutions to real problems.  Rex came into our business at a critical time in our industry wherechange was being forced upon us due to external factors.  Rex’s ability to assist us throughthis period was a pivotal point in our current success in what is an extremelytight construction market.  

 Our time with Rexwas not only educational but also thoroughly enjoyable.  Rex has a great inspiring personalityand enthusiasm for what he does. 

 Three years on weare still using Rex as mentor and sounding board for our future endeavours.

Regards, Tony Mau  JHL Civil Director.

To Who it May Concern,

Rex Buckingham has previously run executivedevelopment sessions for one of the Commonwealth agencies (FaHCSIA)thatsubsequently became DSS in the 2013 Machinery of Government changes. Havingbeen involved in an agency highly impacted by change, and having ridden thatstorm based on the principles instilled in me by colourthinking, I canhonestly attest to the practical, versatile, and consistent approachcolourthinking promotes. This model of communication and relationshipmanagement is a central theme to success at any level, from APS to SES. Thesetools present the key to engaging in positive, effective communication withboth subordinates, peers, and seniors, building relationships that acknowledgeindividual strengths and weaknesses and find pathways to success for the wholegroup.

I strongly encourage the engagement ofcolourthinking and believe it will provide the people-focused mindset you are lookingfor. While it may seem then contradictory to invest yet more valuable time incommunication and relationship skill development, I have personally found thatthe outcomes gained by the effective use of such times in fact save me time andenergy in the long run.

I’m more than happy to discuss further if you wouldlike to call me on the numbers below.

 Tristan Cox – 0413586115 Director - Grant Operations SupportTeam Department of Social Services     

I have known Rex for approximately threeyears during which time he has conducted training programmes with our NationalSales team and more recently a leadership workshop for Productionpersonnel.  Rex possesses a wealth of experience and in providingtraining, he has a unique way of delivering that information.  Hisprogramme is very interactive and communicative and clearly spells out thesubject matter. 

We have proven results from the sales team astheir training was conducted a couple of years ago.  The recent leadershiptraining, focusing on OH&S(bullying, discrimination) etc really had animpact.  The training session ran for five hours and the feedback waspositive and welcoming.  We have continued following sessions internallyto ensure the message and programme are maintained.  There has been anoticeable change in communication and relationships.

Experience has shown that half day, or 5hours sessions work well as you can hold the participants attention and Rex iscertainly great at keep people engaged and focused. 

Susan Bircham
  HR Everest Colonial 0412101154


Hi Rex
I wish to congratulate you for helping develop a groundswell at work, andfinding out how to work with ‘the boss’.  Also wanted to thank you forinfluencing me personally after last week's meeting - ask, listen... myrelationships are enjoying a new vibration, and its so rewarding.  I'mimpressed, and very grateful, and excited, and well, look forward to speakingsoon.
Rex's contribution
•    experienced general management expertise which was welcomedby the team
•    boost in morale e.g. helped 'gel' the team, when sales werelow and everyone was looking at everyone else to show leadership, and thisultimately led to a return from a slump.  This subtle change appearsrevolutionary for the business, and especially so if the momentum/impact issustained.
•    preparing us to pull focus on strategic thinking for futurebusiness direction, whilst giving strong attention to what's needed now.
Rex's effect
•    clear thinking e.g. when sales were very low in July, hehelped us get straight to work on the most tangible things that could be doneright now.
•    "real-time" solutions, which the team takes onand owns themselves
•    maximising sales results in a slow period
•    I felt clearer in my thinking and in my own work andrelating with the team members.  I also felt less stressed about theissues and began to relate with staff members in a more relaxed tone, knowingthat someone was watching the bigger picture, and knew what we were doing andlet us get on with it
•    I am more confident that the business can become a tightership, with the key business functions tuned up as they are supposed to be e.g.use of planning, budgeting, addressing SWOT, systems, etc.
•    committed and it feels good to trust, and 'relax'
Rex's benefit
•    pull's focus with team members to the job at hand, and cutsout time spent on peripheral dialogue, therefore better ROI .e.g. inSales/Marketing meetings, he helped to keep us on the track of the agenda, andpulled anyone up who was rambling or missing the point of a question, and alsoasks the questions that really needed to be asked that no-one else was asking,but from a strategic point of view, were essential to our thinking throughissues and projects. 
•    good at providing timely email feedback which "callsit like it is" in simple, powerful language 
•    on the ball 
•    captures ideas and provides summaries in helpful formats 
•    honours existing business rules, all the while 
•    reaches the team members individually 
•    able to completely integrate with the status quo, and thenfold in with a professional manner, pathways to flex business process andoutcome 
•    sensitive to the matter of the cost of his services, andspends his time wisely and in consultation with general manager
•    approachable and great to work with

Janet Tucker DM Plastics

To whom it may concern

Rex Buckingham

Rex has  been working with I-Med in South Australia over the last 2 yearsor so in developing the "clinic managers” from technicians to leaders /enablers. The work that Rex has implemented has been beneficial to our business. He has enabled us to improve the management of our people.
Most people would recognise that staff engagement and commercial performanceare tightly linked.  For our business to compete in a very tight marketit’s important that every individual who comes to I-MED Clinic enjoys doingso.  Passion is a great motivator, Rex has given the staff the"Tools” to deal with many situations – be it with their peers or patients(clients).  We do acknowledge that we do have staff that are passionateabout their work, however they needed to be given assistance to further developtheir communication and management styles.  Rex was crucial in thisprocess.
Rex delivered many workshops for management, clinical and non clinical staff.As a business we have enjoyed a marked success in clinic managers,understanding if they hold a responsible position that they receive appropriatetraining in interpersonal relationships, situational problem solving andhandling difficult behaviors.  
The training Rex provided delivered consistent quality, improved effectivenessand lower staff turn over / absenteeism.  Rex not only delivers effectivemanagement tools but also lives by them.
I have always found Rex to be approachable, open and genuinely interested inpeople.
Margaret Doddridge Resources Manager  I-MEDNetwork SA/NT

To Whom it may concern

General Manager
Human Resources

RE: Mr RexBuckingham

I have known Rex for some fifteen years, during which time he has been engagedon a number of occasions by the RAA for his professional facilitation andleadership abilities. I have also maintained an ongoing professionalrelationship with Rex in terms of personal career guidance and mentoring.

Rex is a very intelligent, articulate, enthusiastic and persuasive leader. Hedelights in exploring the counter-intuitive option and encouraging others to dolikewise. Having said that, his decision-making is logical and rational, takinginto account many factors which most people would not have considered.

As a facilitator, Rex has an advanced ability to engage diverse points of viewand to promote alignment in people’s thinking, and cohesiveness in theirbehaviour. He has shown himself to be extremely results-oriented and completelyto live the principles which he espouses. This causes his audience (followers?)to have great faith in his integrity and to achieve more than they everexpected to. He believes passionately in the power of teams and the power ofallowing individuals to break free of their mental shackles in order to achieveextraordinary team (and individual) outcomes.

Rex has always influenced those with whom he has worked (at all levelsincluding some very senior, powerful leadership teams from large companies) tolearn and grow and then, most importantly, to incorporate and model theirlearnings into their organisations in a sustainable way.

On reading through the criteria by which aspiring Fellows of AHRI will bejudged, I have no hesitation in asserting that Rex is completely deserving ofthis level of recognition for the work he has done in the field of humanendeavour over the majority of his working life. I cannot think of one area ofthe criteria into which Rex has not heavily invested his time and enthusiasm.

I have worked for more than twenty years in the Human Resources field, as apractitioner, a Psychologist, a Manager and now a General Manager in a largeand diverse company (the RAA has more than 750 employees and is concerned forthe interests of some 570,000 Members). I have been exposed to a great many peoplewho espouse to have the various intellectual, leadership and facilitativequalities necessary to make real and lasting positive organisational change.Many of these have unfortunately been found wanting when put to the test. Rexis one who is truly able to demonstrate such qualities. I have no hesitation inendorsing his application to become a Fellow of AHRI, believing, as I do, thathe will continue to be a contributor to this professional body, and throughthat, to the wider profession.

Malcolm Butcher 
GM Human Resources
Royal Automobile Association of South Australia