Salary review or? 

An ‘A ‘ political comment

Is it as much about an individuals own expectations (or hopes, unfounded and founded — supposed rights against earned rights) against employers fears and unintelligent emotional intelligence and effective and timely feedback throughout the period?

Listening to a 891 radio discussion today (6.06.12), the announcer talking about bowel cancer, 'corporate programs to help employees check' — the main comment from the announcer was ’tell the boss and he can pay for it - and give us time off to have it and organise it and ....'

This wasn’t about salary revue but entitlements for just being there! No trade off to productivity just ‘why doesn’t the boss pay! 

A very big part of this discussion is about poor or non existent performance reviews and outdated or non existent job / person descriptions. Surely the basis of salary revue is the employer and the employee actually knowing what it is you are supposed to be doing, the outcomes associated with your position and your demonstration of competence or at least endeavour? 

Surely a positive salary review is about a positive participation, positive production, positive caring and behaviour. Is it time to start thinking, really thinking, about negative salary reviews for all those folk who spend their time degrading the position,the brand the service the core values? There are good and not so good behaviours, the trouble is, that everyone expects to get an increase, regardless of their participation, their input! This is not so much about the employee but the ‘boss’; the boss who doesn’t give effective and timely feedback to employees, the boss that doers’t address these inadequacies with strategies to prove their belief and take employees forward — worthy of their very position reviews - or not!

We look around the world right now at the economies that are faltering because of this subject - increase in wages for no other reason but - it is our right’! Nothing to do with the national economy, their productivity, the enterprises financial security - "lets put everyone out of work rather than forgo our rights! Anyway, the government will come in with a package! 

Are we becoming / have we become, a socialist state! As ‘unions’ fight for relevance, they ’stoke the fires’ and the mass come behind them - fearful of falling further financially behind, not being able to pay more than the minimum payment on the credit card. And so, there is the need for the ‘boss' to pay more - this is in addition to the proposed increase in superannuation payments from the employer, potentially increased work cover, impact of competition, exchange rates etc

Salary reviews are an important part of recognising an individuals contribution to an enterprise, not an annual entitlement, not a CPI entitlement - salary increases are part of the conundrum and so if there isn;t a worthy reason to increase pay, there is a flow on that is negative to the entire country.

It is easy to bash the boss or the employee. It is really about equal value contribution - the employer creating a job and specifications that people can live up to and hence provide prosperity through their labour and an employee undertaking a job and developing it and demonstrating initiative to make it better, delivering sustainable benefits to employers, employees, suppliers and customers - and ’the boss’ needs to be the leader in this.

Sadly, too many bosses spend too much time managing and not enough  time leading - not even knowing the difference.

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