The business of selling

This page contains information relating to the different style of selling - take the time to read it carefully - make your application count. Being experienced in one does not necessarily make you good in another. If you feel the experience translates across, it is your job to 'sell' that to an employer - not theirs to guess it.

As an example
Sales and Design position (Direct to public - made to measure sales) Please read this site carefully - take advantage of the information we have placed here to assist you in crafting your application. It is better to lodge fewer but more specific applications than just ‘shooting out avolume of resumes without any connection to the position being sought!

  1. We explain the difference between various types of selling - if your background is not ‘direct sales’ as described here, then you need to make a specific case to us and you need top translate your experience so we can see how you might fit.

  2. We publish the advert that is currently on

  3. Some helpful hints - reflections about some of the applications to date

  4. Wepublish the job description for the position and other information about the position and the organisation. Make your application count!

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Seek advert - a second position also available - Direct sales person - Ring Rex about that 0407827173

1. Explanation of different selling styles

B2B(Wholesale in the old terminology) — build relationships with people who sell to other businesses — these relationships come back and buy every month — you get a chance to build and nurture and to suggest

Retail- shop fronts — people come in, retailer asks "can I help you',customer answers 'no thanks just looking'. They wonder around and bring the item to the counter — there it is registered and bagged.

Direct- Business to end user - Mums and Dads (not commercial) . Such industries as floor cover markings, gutters and roofing, kitchen and ward robe, window furnishings — blinds, curtains, awnings etc
Purchases that are put-off-able and are around the $3,000 to $20,000
Purchases that need to be measured (in  home) and usually making (in factory) and installation
Purchases that usually need two people to make / authorise the decision — matters such as quality, style, fabric etc

Of all the selling propositions, direct is perhaps the most challenging as it is high dollar, usually not essential, needs two people at the same time to buy, all the variances of measuring — the vagaries of building trueness and accuracy and the skills of selling, closing etc are paramount and the client is usually a once off.

Our client in this instance is a well respected, established organisation that through continued growth, now requires '2' additional design and sales people.

Ideally, you would have experience in design (cad) and at the same time, be an experienced 'direct sales' person. (That is someone who knows how to bring an inquiry to a sale, rather than just assist people as they wonder through a process). Experience preferred.

Experience examples would be - sale and design of kitchens and wardrobes,  floor coverings,  window coverings, roofing and gutters,shower screens etc

Whilst full training is available, the person will need to be a self starter, self motivated, dynamic and outgoing. Need to have the confidence to move past a 'no' and find out what objections there are and which appropriate company and product benefits met their requirements.

The company has high values and does not indulge in anything but appropriate behaviour - clients come to the company because of that reputation.

The position is preferably full time but consideration will be given to part time or commission or some combination to ensure the best income potential.

Apply by email only - Rex Buckingham, Principal colourthinking -
Phone inquries welcome - 0407827173