Square peg - round hole

If somebody's in a situation, organisation, etc, where they don't fit in and feel out of place, they are a square peg in a round hole.
Too often the very basis of our employment process, effective job and person descriptions are either non-existent, behind the times or just plain inaccurate. Too often they describe a position that once did occur but through time and 'incumbent-impact' the situation has changed.
One in ten people leave a new position (or make absolute decisions about how they will act in a role) in the first three months. The two most common reasons for leaving are that 'the job was nothing like I was told it was going to be' and 'I never felt accepted'!

Too often when someone doesn't fit, the result is inappropriate behaviour.

This can come from the individual now feeling uncertain, angry, anxious, insecure or can come from contemporaries or managers or both. Too often we look at the behaviour and not the situation - cause and effect thinking is not universal in application as we too often get focused on the personal emotional aspects.

Now that is probably enough use of the word 'too' for the moment but this is such an important topic and the impacts of not addressing situations quickly or specifically enough are so disastrous to all concerned.

'Square peg' - even the title seems to point at 'the person' and from there it is such a small step to vilify that person - to lead them to fulfil the prophecy - 'they just do not fill the position'! Unfortunately, hardly ever does one hear, "what have we done wrong in the process of bringing this new person into the business.

'Round hole' - this points to the position - it may be that it is time to reconsider the 'position' description - there may not even be a 'job' left in the business for that particular position!

Strategically, businesses and environments move -the dynamics of this more often than not is not addressed effectively within the organisation.

  • Anti–bullying
  • Handling difficult situations (people)
  • Succession Planning
  • Empowerment – improved productivity
  • Exceptional and meaningful customer service
The critical mass of the business is denied when some of it's number are not 'connected'. Part of a managers / supervisors basic responsibility is about 'duty of care' - this is a legal responsibility and leaving people 'disconnected' is not 'acting with due care'.

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