Mentors and Mentoring

  • Should anyone be 'fully prepared' when they take on a new position?
  • Can the business wait until 'you naturally grow"?
  • What is happening in your business exponentially - growth or stagnation? 
  • Are there any threats?
So many people are given the opportunity to grow and some 'on-the-spot' coaching can only help confidence - performance and presence.

Be the leader - show by example that it is smart to look for added input. Make it safe to dare!

If only you could put all of the pieces together - what a difference that would make.

If only?    If only?  If only?

Well of course you can! Ask colourthinking

If you could put, 'all of the pieces together'..

Would it be useful if YOU were focused in one direction?

If you show leadership in asking for new input, will not your people show the same courage - isn't that where you want to be?

So much can be learned from learning - from opening up and saying, "I haven't got all of the answers", "it is OK to ask, to be confident enough to say, 'what do you think !".
Would it be useful to 'talk through new ideas' without diverting fellow executives from their current focus?

How would it be if you could just 'let it all hangout' and 'say it as you feel it' and then work backwards?

Would it be useful if you exposed some of your executives to side -by-side coaching - working in actual situations, seeking new solutions?

People at every level of the business can develop more quickly if they are part of a clearly identified mentoring program!

If you the leader also look to self-develop then it is safe for everyone else - a continuous development culture.

Would it be useful to have all of your people focused in the same direction?

Why do we continually put off bringing in     the serviceman to work with the executives on their 'people skills' -so many business lose their competitive advantage because the 'people' of the organisation do not dare to  dare -the fear of being wrong.