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1. Relationships with your people - which one suits you and them most  - full time / casual / contractor / options... 

2. Executive Services - a service that delivers at a reasonable cost - 11.5% of gross plus a five month guarantee * period

Recruitment with a difference !

We can make a difference to your recruitment process.
All we need is one opportunity to prove that to you.

Our offerings include:-

  • A flexible recruitment package - you choose what suits you
  • A flexible consulting force - able to be chosen to absolutely suit your business -as required  - not tied to in-house staff available
  • You initiate the business with Rex, you feedback and input to Rex, he interviews personally and writes the reports - concise communication - accountability - experience
  • A more comprehensive 'brief' taking' - Rex has either owned, managed or consulted to just about every industry and position known to mankind
  • Succinct reference check prior to short listed 2nd interview** - exploratory questions asked
  • Where possible - obviously if candidate is still employed this can be 'tricky'

We maintain our interest - included in our full service costing; we work with you, the new placement and associated team members to ensure maximum productivity - early problem solving. For the first three months - that is right - we work with you and the team for three months after placement, we pre-test, work with competencies - identify suitable mentoring and 'stay interested' - work as a sounding board and make sure the development goals are met.

All we ask is that you give us 'ONE' opportunity

  • to prove to you that our service is superior
  • to anything else being offered today!
People are your main asset - get it right first time
colourthinking -  Working with you to make the difference!

It is simple:

We have the experience that 'makes the difference'. If we are briefed with the responsibility of recruiting a new team member - at what ever level - we are able to respond from a point of view of real experience. 'We have been there and done that!' We know in real terms, the cost of recruitment - the potential for lost opportunities and team upheaval.
Making the wrong choice!

We are able to bring to our consulting a breadth of experience that means we do not work in isolation of the real facts - we know about the impacts various departments / divisions have on each other / the different cultures / the diverse responsibilities / the time lines / the individual impacts of differing personalities and ambitions. We have been there - we are not just professionally trained helpers - we are informed first hand in life's and businesses real experiences!

One briefing session will demonstrate to you our proficiency - how we can work with you to make a difference. Why not call Rex on 0407 827173 and make an appointment to find out how this consultancy could assist your organisation. At the very least, he is not contaminated with 'what can and can't be done' because of historical factors within your organisation. Make the right choice first! Although it may sound like it, we do not pretend to have all of the answers; we just state that we have the purpose (and background) of seeking out the best and most appropriate answers for your enterprise, in conjunction with your people. Engendering a supportive and developing environment.

Retail / Wholesale / Finance / Manufacturing Hospitality / Building / Insurance / Direct Sales

Rex knows that the cost of employing a person goes further than direct associated expenses, hence if the wrong person is selected the impact can be immense - the lost opportunity, internal disruption, client confusion value is much more.
Our interest does not stop when the appointee is decided. We include in our service, post induction mentoring;

  • 6 days after commencement a 'debrief' with the appointee at our offices - identify blocks and hurdles
  • 12 days after commencement - on site - a further debrief
  • 24 days after commencement - on site - a two hour 'workshop' with associated team members - vertical and horizontal - on a subject to be agreed but to do with 'personal living skills' - 'open communication' - 'positive change skills'
For three months we work through an identified schedule of mentoring that ensures that not only the appointee is developing but that those associated with the position are also growing.
Where colourthinking is given access as noted above and the business works with the incumbent and colourthinking to achieve change as identifed, the guarantee period extends to five months.





We guarantee to work with you to

identify the right brief - does the actual position 'work'

identify any blockages - is there an individual blocking      development of this position

identify the right package - permanent / contract
pursue the process

develop a 'most suited'
conduct pre-testing - not psyche but skill based

present all candidates to you - some through video cameos       others in person

develop appropriate targets and reward packages

implement induction

facilitate mentoring according to pre-agreed plan
This is not a hit and miss affair - if it doesn't work and you believe it is our responsibility then we will contribute our time to replace - it is that simple - if you believe it is our fault then we contribute our time to replace!

Why not at least give us a call

find out 'face to face'
how this so difficult and important task
can be simplified for you, the individual and the whole team!

2. Executive Service

Executive search

Executive outplacement

Executive mentoring

Executive recruitment

Executive development These services underpin our entire offering. All of the thinking and strategic areas require dynamic and clearly focused plans for each executive within a business. Flowing from this (the waterfall effect) comes all of the development plans for the entire enterprise. The flow must start from the top and must be sustained through the continual development of the 'leaders'.

colourthinking works with you, will identify the real position and from that with input from people from within the business, will identify the right person. We will not 'poach' but we will use insightful methods of communication the opportunity.

The mentoring, recruitment, development all form part of the process, as can the 'outplacement' facility.

Too many businesses maintain the employment of people who have proven either unsuitable or lack commitment to the company values and goals!

It is easy to find out more,  just contact Rex and through a confidential and complimentary first interview  all parties can satisfy themselves as to the  suitability and synergy of the approach we take.

1. Relationship alternating - employment / contractor / options...
Why did we cross through the word Resource?  Because we see as one of the fundamental 'wrongs,' the concept that people should be thought of as a resource or the newer word, 'capital'.   
It can be argued if one really wants to, that it is the benefit they bring being seen  'the' resource, just as raw materials are to a steel rolling mill, then if that is how the employer sees it, that is how the employee will see their recognition. Just as imperfect raw material at the mill will result in faulty product so will imperfect human relations result in imperfect capacity of people.

People need to work for self fulfilment and as their personal self-actualisation
increases, so does their productivity - as we recognise, we hone jobs descriptions and working conditions (and this doesn't mean mink covered chairs) we reap the rewards of that integrity and develop keen and interested people - this is where the sum of the number is greater than the number!

This is our promise. We are about recruitment / contracting / programs of people development that are sustainable and based on fairness and honour. This is not a 'meat market' where people who have never employed - never run a business -   never had to find the funds to 'make payroll' take on your trust and responsibility of associating you and your team with a 'new person' and then 'try' to make the match.
Our practice is where people who have employed - run a business - had to find the funds to 'make payroll' take on your trust and responsibility of associating you and your team with a 'new person'.
We give guarantees! Read about what they are and make your own decision - does it sound like there is a 'fair chance' of success in our program of recruitment? Tell us what you think when you have read the rest of this information!

Make contact with Rex and have a chat about how he can support your organisational objectives! Mobile 0407827173 or