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Competition and Surpetition
Even classic competition itself is becoming part of maintenance management. There is a need to keep up with competitors in terms of price, quality, distribution and promotion. There is a need for some product differentiation and marketing initiatives.

In the book Sur/petition* I discuss how competition will no longer be enough in the future and why there will be a need to shift to sur/petition. The word competition means ‘seeking together.’ This means accepting that you are running in the same race as your competitors. Your behaviour is quite largely determined by the behaviour of the competitors. Sur/petition means “seeking above” or creating your own race. It means creating new “value monopolies.”

These value monopolies will be largely based on “integrated values.” For example, a car is no longer just a lump of engineering. The integrated values include the ability to buy, sell, and insure the car. They include safety and security against theft. Integrated values also include the ability to park in cities. I once suggested to Ford (UK) that they should buy up the company that owned most of the city center parks throughout the British Isles and then restrict parking in these to Ford cars. In Japan, Honda and Nissan have taken up this idea and I would not be surprised to see them spreading the idea around the world.

The first phase of business was “product or service.”

The second phase of business was “competition.”

The third phase of business will be “integrated values.”

Sur/petition will be very highly dependent on concepts. To generate these concepts there will be a need for powerful creative thinking.

Other areas

I have focused here mainly on business areas because in my business experience business has seen more need for creative thinking than other areas. I believe this is beginning to change. Other areas that have real problems and budget constraints will sooner or later come to see that creative thinking is an essential element in their way forward.

There is a need for new concepts in government and administration.

There is a need for new concepts in economics.

There is a need for new concepts in education.

There is a need for new concepts in crime prevention. There is a need for new concepts in the administration of the law.

There is a need for new concepts in health care provision.

There is a need for new concepts in conflict resolution.

There is a need for new concepts in the protection of the environment.

There is a need for new concepts in alleviating Third World poverty.

Is there any area that would not benefit from creative thinking, new concepts, and new perceptions?

What is being done to provide these new concepts? In some areas there are interesting initatiatives, but on the whole there is still the belief that intelligent analysis, adequate information, and skilled argument will be enough. I do not agree.