Team building - Rex's philosophy on that.

Individuals need to find ways to form and maintain a team. Whilst tasks are done my individuals, invariably each person is part of a process - with an internal client and supplier - to say nothing of the external stake-holders!

Process and behaviour form foundations for 'teams' and so when either are not functioning properly, the team suffers. This is never about good or bad people but about things that are working and that are not working as well - so clarity, analysis and commitment to incremental change (in most cases) help people to see there are ways forward.

Various ages and experiences will predispose individuals to certain ways and expectations and as a group, everyone has to understand  any inherent differences and ways forward to optimise the team.

It is my belief that role modeling is paramount where sustainable change and effective working behaviour is sought and hence starting with the 'Executive' level is far preferable.

Whilst there are games that are often proffered for this type of exercise I am of a mind that 'team building' is about clarification of where things are working and where they are not working as well - where people will actually live in benefits because of the workshop/s - benefits will have a physical aspect - be seen and experienced.

From this, we identify various tasks and actions and that would start to prepare for any further work with 'reports'.

Ideally, executive level is part of the process of rolling this through the departments - through role modeling and even part facilitation - all things that we can finesse when we meet.