• From:"Sam Wells"<sam.wells@adelaide.edu.au>
  • Subject:RE: Feedback from Strategic Workshop'ette', Monday 27th February 2012 - can yougive me some feedback please?
  • Date:1 March 2012 1:51:13 pmACDT
  • To:"'RexBuckingham'" <rex@colourthinking.com.au>,
  • Hi Rex,
  • We clearly have a lotof serious thinking and conversing to do before we could give you feedback ofsubstance, but I’m happy to share my thoughts on the ‘workshopette’ itself.
  • With a relativelysmall amount of time, limited opportunity for pre-work and an inevitably‘messy’ and emergent process, I thought the workshop was excellent, and I takemy hat off to you for some really skilful facilitation.  It would havebeen so easy to surrender to the temptation to impose (or try to impose) ‘order’on the process – I suspect that would have yielded very little of value. Instead, you helped us to work with the messiness, without getting hung up onit, and managed to tease out some valuable insights and pose some important,and challenging, questions.  I’ve spent whole days in ‘strategic planning’workshops and had less to show for it in terms of substantial contribution tostrategy.
  • In particular (and forexample):
  • ·       Our discussion of different indicators of success (Iuse ‘indicators’ as a broader descriptor than ‘measures’, because as Einsteinsaid, "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that canbe counted counts”.)  Bearing in mind that whatever indicators we choosewill change the behaviour of the system we are looking to monitor…we need toselect carefully.
  • ·       Your question about whether there is a thirdcompetency, in addition to JSA and DES, that could really put us in a class ofour own and make us even more attractive to DEEWR etc.
  • ·       The discussion on the nature and role of socialenterprise
  • ·       The prioritisation of building revenue streams thatreduce our dependence on, and vulnerability to, federal government programs
  • ·       The notion of volunteering and the link to making useof our DGR status
  • All good stuff, andtruly strategic.  I was energised by the experience…and I venture tosuggest that not many strategic workshops could achieve that!
  • Cheers

  • Sam
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    Rex Buckingham became involved in our company in 2012as part of an education program for the Diploma of Management.  His ability to communicate to the differentpersonalities amongst the directors and project managers was commendable.   

    Rex has a rare ability to extract information and thereal thoughts/feelings of the group and somehow unite individual thinking toteam driven visions and goals.  Beassured that if you are looking for change in your business or life, Rex has the ability to provide you with thetools to unlock the barriers that are holding you back. 

    Once the Diploma of Management was completed Rex’sservices continued as  consultant andmentor to the management team to deal with the new vision for the company andtransition change.

    He offers real solutions to real problems.  Rex came into our business at a criticaltime in our industry where change was being forced upon us due to externalfactors.  Rex’s ability to assist usthrough this period was a pivotal point in our current success in what is anextremely tight construction market.  

    Our time with Rex was not only educational but alsothoroughly enjoyable.  Rex has a greatinspiring personality and enthusiasm for what he does. 

    Three years on we are still using Rex as mentor andsounding board for our future endeavours.

    Regards, Tony Mau

    JHL Civil Director.


HumanResources RAA


To the Membership Grading Committee, AHRI

 RE: Mr Rex Buckingham

I have known Rex for some fifteen years, during which timehe has been engaged on a number of occasions by the RAA for his professionalfacilitation and leadership abilities. I have also maintained an ongoingprofessional relationship with Rex in terms of personal career guidance andmentoring.


Rex is a very intelligent, articulate, enthusiastic andpersuasive leader. He delights in exploring the counter-intuitive option andencouraging others to do likewise. Having said that, his decision-making islogical and rational, taking into account many factors which most people wouldnot have considered.


As a facilitator, Rex has an advanced ability to engage diversepoints of view and to promote alignment in people’s thinking, and cohesivenessin their behaviour. He has shown himself to be extremely results-oriented andcompletely to live the principles which he espouses. This causes his audience(followers?) to have great faith in his integrity and to achieve more than theyever expected to. He believes passionately in the power of teams and the powerof allowing individuals to break free of their mental shackles in order toachieve extraordinary team (and individual) outcomes.


Rex has always influenced those with whom he has worked (atall levels including some very senior, powerful leadership teams from largecompanies) to learn and grow and then, most importantly, to incorporate andmodel their learnings into their organisations in a sustainable way.


I have worked for more than twenty years in the HumanResources field, as a practitioner, a Psychologist, a Manager and now a GeneralManager in a large and diverse company (the RAA has more than 750 employees andis concerned for the interests of some 570,000 Members). I have been exposed toa great many people who espouse to have the various intellectual, leadershipand facilitative qualities necessary to make real and lasting positiveorganisational change. Many of these have unfortunately been found wanting whenput to the test. Rex is one who is truly able to demonstrate such qualities. Ihave no hesitation in endorsing his application to become a Fellow of AHRI,believing, as I do, that he will continue to be a contributor to thisprofessional body, and through that, to the wider profession.



Malcolm Butcher

GM Human Resources

Royal Automobile Association of South Australia



Rex Buckingham


Rex has  been working with I-Med in South Australiaover the last 2 years or so in developing the "clinic managers” fromtechnicians to leaders / enablers. Thework that Rex has implemented has been beneficial to our business.  He has enabled us to improve the managementof our people.

Most people would recognise that staff engagement and commercialperformance are tightly linked.  For ourbusiness to compete in a very tight market it’s important that every individualwho comes to I-MED Clinic enjoys doing so. Passion is a great motivator, Rex has given the staff the "Tools” todeal with many situations – be it with their peers or patients (clients).  We do acknowledge that we do have staff thatare passionate about their work, however they needed to be given assistance tofurther develop their communication and management styles.  Rex was crucial in this process.

Rex delivered many workshops for management, clinical and non clinical staff. As a business wehave enjoyed a marked success in clinic managers, understanding if they hold aresponsible position that they receive appropriate training in interpersonalrelationships, situational problem solving and handling difficult behaviors. 

The training Rex provideddelivered consistent quality, improved effectiveness and lower staff turn over/ absenteeism.  Rex not only deliverseffective management tools but also lives by them.

I have always found Rex to beapproachable, open and genuinely interested in people.


Margaret Doddridge

Human Resources Manager
I-MED Network SA/NT


I've written this recommendation ofRex’s  work to share with other LinkedInusers.

Details of the Recommendation: "What can I say... Rex is a pioneer of hisprofession. 
I met Rex whilst working as a Business Development Manager forSigncraft, one of Australia's signage companies. 
Rex was tasked withdeveloping the national sales team and to also provide nationally accreditedtraining to all sales members. 
Rex delivered each class in a fun yetinformative and thought provoking way. I believe through Rex's training, he hasgiven me the tools for my success today. 
If anyone has the opportunity to workwith Rex or be exposed to his thinking, I think they would have nothing butwonderful things to say."

November 2013