Tricia Karp :

Founder, Wise Talk - Public Speaking made easy

The world needs more inspiring leaders... the kind who want to make a difference, carry a vision, embody it in their words and actions, and share it in a way that gets others on board.

My programs are designed to help leaders be inspiring,and develop collaborative cultures and thrivingcommunities.

Executive programs

Master the Media: It’s exactly as it sounds. Training and coaching that positions yours the leader you are when you’re in the media spotlight, under pressure, and it matters most.

Powerful Leadership PresencePresence is the ability to connect with people and inspire them. It’s essential for leaders. And for most people, trying to cultivate it has been a mystery. Until now.

Pack A Punch PresentationsPowerful public speaking skills are essential to get others on board with your vision.

Culture. On PurposeWhen purpose comes first, profit naturally follows and flows. I help you program your purpose GPS to guide behaviour, influence strategy and decisions, and create opportunities for everyone to become a co-leader.

From my clients

"The leadership presence sessions Tricia ran for us were excellent. The womeninvolved have talked about making profound changes to the way they think, presentand influence people.” ~ Wendy Teasdale-Smith, CEO, SATAC

"Tricia has a high level of professionalism. Her capacity to listen and understand thequirks of your organisation’s environment, then tailor her work to meet the needs ofthe organisation, and then deeper still for the group, is fantastic. She comes with adeep knowledge and experience, a preparedness to research further (she doesn’t‘rest on her laurels’) and a wonderful fresh energy and sense of humour.” ~ JusteneKnight, People Development & Performance, UniSA

"Tricia ran a workshop for our teams to become stronger communicators andpresenters. It was a challenging and confronting course, and our teams loved it andgained great benefit. It was amazing to watch such significant growth in just twodays. Tricia has a unique ability to tackle the big issues and get fast results in arespectful and meaningful way. Her humour and friendliness put participants at easefrom the beginning, and we appreciated her ability to push us. We were impressedby the way Tricia worked with people of varying levels of experience and confidenceall in the same program. We thoroughly recommend the course, especially Tricia.” ~Yvonne Cloke, Executive Officer Barossa Lower North Futures, and Paul Amos,Business Culture Leader, The Barossa Co-op


"When you meet Tricia Karp, you will discover she epitomizes Leadership Presence.She is passionate about connecting with and inspiring others to develop their ownleadership presence. I discovered this when I attended one of Tricia’s Wise Talk"Leadership Presence” workshops. Tricia makes you really think about what you do,how you do it AND WHY you do it! It was so thought provoking and enlightening thatI organised for Tricia to work with other Leaders within our business to improve theirleadership presence and their ability to connect with and inspire the people they lead.The results have been amazing!” ~ Vicki Bastian, National HR Manager, NCML